Vancouver, WA Children’s Photographer – Glitter Mini Sessions

Vancouver, WA Children’s Photographer – Glitter Mini Sessions!

Glitter Mini Sessions are in full swing in my Vancouver, WA Photography Studio!

Come dress up with your child, and have an afternoon full of glitter and giggles, without the mess!

I provide all the gowns for you and the girls, and also suspenders and bowties for the fellas!

Childhood is such a magical time, and it’s even more so with glitter! I am a firm believer in allowing children to be children, it’s the only time in their little lives they can be! We are required to grow up so quickly these days, it’s so important for your littles to be little as long as they can.

In my Vancouver, WA home studio, your child can dress up in fancy clothes from my prop closet and savor in the magic of glitter! You can sit back and relax on my studio couch to watch the magic happen, or you can grab a gown from my prop closet and join in the fun!




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Glitter Mini Sessions are here! You don’t want to miss out on this magical time with your children!
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