Vancouver, WA Children’s Photographer – Stella’s First Birthday Session!

Vancouver, WA Children’s Photographer – Stella’s First Birthday Session!

Welcome to Stella’s First Birthday Session!

I’ve been photographing Stella since her mama brought her in to my Vancouver, WA studio for her newborn session. I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing her older brother, Topher, for his first year of life as well.

While I enjoy cake smash sessions when baby’s turn One, I really love when mama’s have unique ideas for their babies first birthday sessions. Stella’s mama knew she wanted pink and gold and girly! So we decided on a glitter session to celebrate her turning One! We decided on the light pink backdrop with the gold glitter falling stars, with the gold glittne ONE. I love how the glitter stars tie in with the gold glitter falling stars on the backdrop!

Stella’s mama made the onesie, tulle skirt, bow for the session! While Stella wasn’t much for keeping the bow on, we did manage to get a few before she ripped it off her head!

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Vancouver, WA Children’s Photographer – Glitter Mini Sessions

Vancouver, WA Children’s Photographer – Glitter Mini Sessions!

Glitter Mini Sessions are in full swing in my Vancouver, WA Photography Studio!

Come dress up with your child, and have an afternoon full of glitter and giggles, without the mess!

I provide all the gowns for you and the girls, and also suspenders and bowties for the fellas!

Childhood is such a magical time, and it’s even more so with glitter! I am a firm believer in allowing children to be children, it’s the only time in their little lives they can be! We are required to grow up so quickly these days, it’s so important for your littles to be little as long as they can.

In my Vancouver, WA home studio, your child can dress up in fancy clothes from my prop closet and savor in the magic of glitter! You can sit back and relax on my studio couch to watch the magic happen, or you can grab a gown from my prop closet and join in the fun!




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Glitter Mini Sessions are here! You don’t want to miss out on this magical time with your children!
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Go HERE for booking information!


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Many of you already know I’m a photographer who posts a ton about my business, and not infrequently about my enormous and obnoxious cat.

But every now and again I like to toss up a post that tells you some things about me you probably didn’t know. And since it’s properly winter outside, this post’s theme will be entirely cold-weather related.


I have a love-hate relationship with winter weather. I LOVE to watch the snow fall, but I really dislike being so cold! I always crave warm soup and hot tea to warm my soul.

This winter, I’m really into hot tea and reading. My favorite thing to do on a chilly morning is get a cozy quilt, some hot tea, and read my current book, Larkrise to Candleford.

And I love nothing more than watercolor painting in the evening.
Nice to meet you!

Tell me something interesting about you!

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wade & ashlee

catching up on blogging…

one of my favorite couples, 10 years and five kids later.

i met these two for the first time when the flew me out to their home in oklahoma 4 years ago. i am thrilled they have moved back to the pacific northwest!

they make my job so super easy. <3



thank you

i just want to say thank you to everyone for their amazing outpouring of support on my last post.

grandma is doing better. we got her all settled into the rehab facility, and she is gaining strength. the physical therapist is saying she will be able to go home in a couple weeks.


i also want to let you know, that my family is reading all your comments…. both here and on facebook.

i appreciate how many of you actually took the time to read the post, and leave a comment. that makes me so happy.


i will have a new update on grandma with pictures soon. and i will be back again with more yummy babies for you all. <3

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i’ve been super quiet lately.

i feel like this post is rather dramatic, but we’ve so been used to living a lifestyle of scrolling, liking, and hearting… that nobody takes the time to read anymore, and nobody really sees true emotion any longer.

with that being said…

my grandma isn’t doing fabulous.

she is 93 years old.

so my grandmother, has always been my ONLY grandmother. my mother’s parents died before she was even married, so we’ve only had my dads parents. my grandfather died about 20 years ago, and left a giant gaping wound in our family.

i remember as a child hearing the emergency sirens at night, and praying to the Lord… please don’t let it be my grandmother, please save her. even though she lives a solid 2.5 hours away from my house. 😉

grandma still lives in the same house she has lived in forever and ever. but now she has a wonderful 24/7 caretaker…. even so she still has the attitude of a 2 year old…. i do it myself.

when i found out that grandma was in the hospital with a pretty bad infection, i offered to drive my dad up to south bend to see what was happening. i’ve never seen my grandmother look so fragile. she isn’t able to speak a lot, and that frustrates her to no end. she is as sharp as a tack, and still gets around with the help of a walker. seeing her in a hospital bed, completely crushed me.

she was so scared too. she would cry every time my dad left the room. it was awful.

we went back up on thursday to transfer her from the hospital and to a rehab facility, where she will do physical therapy to regain her strength enough to go home.

i love my grandmother. i cannot even express to you the depth of my love for her. even typing this out, i have tears.

this is the newest professional image i have of myself and grandma. my husband actually took this one. i took images of the rest of the family unit, and all the other girls got pictures of themselves and grandma.

except me. 

my grandmother HATES being in pictures. she used to tell me….. you’ll break your camera if you take a photo of me!

she is beautiful. 

soon i know the Lord will take her. she’s had a wonderfully full, and long life.

and all i will have are the images to remember her by. much like she only has images of her husband, her sister, her parents, and her best friends. she has an album that she looks at every single day. the two days we went up, i spent time going through each image, and she would point out each person she could.

gone are the christmas eves at grandmas house with all the cousins. gone are the yearly beach trips with grandma. gone are the christmas cookies she would make each year, and give each child a little bit extra of their favorites in each bucket. gone are all the stray animals she used to feed on her back porch… at one time she had 7 stray cats and a one eyed raccoon mama. 

but i have a million images that my dad made sure to take when we were little. and i have many images of grandma holding the babies, playing with the kids, and walking on the beach.

but i wish i had one of just her and me. 





** back row: my sister, me                             2015

**front row: marcie, grandma, britney (marcie and britney are sisters, we are missing the sisters sarah and brooke. i am the youngest of the 6 granddaughters)

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photographing babies in teals

happy thursday everyone!

today let’s visit photographing babies in teals!

i love the teal color! it’s so universal, and i am thrilled that this color is acceptable for both boys AND girls!

today i have isaac in teal, and as you can see there are many different shades of teal which all work together beautifully.

as you know, i really don’t like to have a lot of distraction in my newborn images. i feel as though the baby should be the center point, and the props are just accessories.

teals are fun to work with, because it’s both blue AND green. this gives you some wiggle room in your set ups in case you don’t have the EXACT teal shades all around. and i think if you did the image may lack depth. also, teals enable you to get more “different” looks out of just one set up. adding a more blueish teal bonnet in one set up, and a more greenish wrap in another will give you some variety for the parents. this is a lovely technique if you have a particularly fussy tiny human or are on a limited time frame.  🙂

again, my bonnet here is from mama knits. i adore the dark and light variant hues in this bonnet she has made. this enables me to use it in multiple types of set ups.

the curls, of course, are again mama knits. her curls are truly a work of art. SO much care goes into her craft, and watching her husband work his magic as well is phenomenal. they are truly and amazing team who pride themselves on excellence in their work. ashlee hand dyes each item she creates. it’s amazing. her curls are the perfect addition to any shot, especially if you love the more natural feel in your images. i love how her curl fibers soak up the colors differently, so there isn’t a flat look to them. they each have so much depth! the curls are so universal as well! i have ashlee’s curls layered on top of a flokati in one image, and then place directly on the wood backdrop in another.

i am also using mama knits wild lamb layer blanket in the bowl shots. it’s a much brighter teal, but still ties in with the original more muted teal theme. her wild lamb blanket layers are perfect for these types of bowl shots, giving some texture and depth to the overall image while protecting the baby from the hard wooden surface. baby’s safety and comfort ALWAYS come first.

in the bonnet shots i am using the luneberry flokati in calabash, and i am SO incredibly pleased at how well this flokati color ties in with all my mama knits layers! how perfect is this?

the wrap is also from luneberry, in the calabash color. it’s a little darker teal color, but still coordinates well and gives a lovely finish to the image.

since i am certain someone at some point will ask me about the wooden bowl…. it’s not from a vendor.

living in the pacific northwest, we have a plethora of antique stores. this particular one i purchased at an antique store in hood river, oregon. i have about six different wooden bowls, all varying in sizes. it’s hard for me to pass up a wooden bowl, since the are so few and far between here! i am so picky about my wooden props…. i won’t purchase them from vendors UNLESS it’s willow and elm, who is mama knits beautiful mother…. and she’s also local. 😉 my husband, the wizard, also makes me wooden props <3

if you ever decide to come take a mentoring class with me, we will definitely be visiting mama knits, willow and elm, and of course the hood river antique stores. <3





children mama knits newborn personal studio willow and elm  Photography children mama knits newborn personal studio willow and elm  Photography children mama knits newborn personal studio willow and elm  Photography children mama knits newborn personal studio willow and elm  Photography children mama knits newborn personal studio willow and elm  Photography

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photographing babies in greens

hi friends!

today let’s talk about photographing the tiny humans on greens!

green is my favorite color. this color trumps all other colors for me.

i especially love using this color on tiny babies, it just portrays such a soothing image to me.

i love using different shades of sages and greens too, they all seem to work well when from the same family. i do struggle with pine green and evergreen, since they are a heavier color and turn an odd color when i edit as warm as i do.

also the wood drop is one of my favorites. i like using it with more bold colors like the darker sage i have baby wrapped in for the bucket shots. my husband actually made me this drop for about $70. it’s a floor and wall drop, made from cedar fencing. he actually stained it grey, and it came out this beautiful color.

if you’re willing to put a little muscle into your props, you’ll find you can easily make them for cheaper if you’re on a budget. i also painted my own bucket here, and have several painted in the exact colors i need in order to match my wraps, curls, and fluffs. i purchased a bucket from home depot, and found the right color paint in the sample size, then watered down my paint and did two coats on my bucket. i did a really light clear sealing coat, but just once since i didn’t want my bucket to be shiny from my studio flash.

i love being able to layer all my textures that are in same tones. i started with the mint wrap from inspired knits first, and added the bonnet from mama knits to my collection. then i added the curls from mama knits, and lastly the flokati from luneberry. it totally draws all the attention in the image to the tiny human, and not the props around him and at the same time giving a nice uniform and clean look overall. this collection probably took me about a year to build up to, and i am so pleased with it. this makes my decision making a breeze. i do have other bonnets in this hue, so i don’t have the same set up repeated over and over each time i want to use it.






children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography children inspired knits mama knits newborn personal studio  Photography