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Many of you already know I’m a photographer who posts a ton about my business, and not infrequently about my enormous and obnoxious cat.

But every now and again I like to toss up a post that tells you some things about me you probably didn’t know. And since it’s properly winter outside, this post’s theme will be entirely cold-weather related.


I have a love-hate relationship with winter weather. I LOVE to watch the snow fall, but I really dislike being so cold! I always crave warm soup and hot tea to warm my soul.

This winter, I’m really into hot tea and reading. My favorite thing to do on a chilly morning is get a cozy quilt, some hot tea, and read my current book, Larkrise to Candleford.

And I love nothing more than watercolor painting in the evening.
Nice to meet you!

Tell me something interesting about you!


  1. Tea for me too most mornings!
    I need to get canvas to use my new paints on.

    And I need the bestie to come help me organize cause she’s waaaay better at it then I am!