exciting news…


hello darlings and welcome new viewers!

today is the first day to enter the first bkp giveaway of 2018!

i am giving away a FULL NEWBORN SESSION!

that’s right. a full one.

if you know someone who is expecting a baby, send them on over here to enter!

i will leave this drawing up for a week! so get your entry in!


the rules are simple:

  1. subscribe to the bkp blog
  2. comment here telling me you’ve subscribed
  3. wait for a name to be drawn!

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  1. Subscribed!!! I know no one with a new born, but I love you and your photoโ€™s! Iโ€™d miss you if I didnโ€™t follow your blog! Plus still waiting to win that โ€œJust Me Miniโ€ lol

  2. Hi Brienne! I subscribed. I will continue to send my friends your way. I have another friend who is also expecting.

  3. Hooray! I’ve been subscribed but my friend Samantha Roberts just subscribed, her first baby Isla is due in June! ๐ŸŽ‰